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Chevrolet Corvette 2006 replace and program the new ecu
i have to replace ecu on Chevrolet Corvette c06 2006, because the older one is burned.
I can use Bosch KTS 540 (via pass thru) or AVDI Abrites to program the new one module(ecu) with SPS Vehicle Programming (Basic) for 35Euro/2Hours.

If somebody can help with software and files i will be very thankful!
Thank you in advance!
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Were you able to take care of this? If not, I can probably help you out. Let me know!
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If it is necessary for you access to sps the portal write to me. I will make.
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TIS2000 with a Pass Thru will work if it has North American Software.
TISv95 should work if it is a Euro Model.
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