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Lada Kalina Block M74 error 2176 (adaptation of the throttle valve)
Lada Kalina Block M74 error 2176 (adaptation of the throttle valve)

[Image: ac6d722s-960.jpg]
Lada Kalina Engine 1.6 / 8kl. the electric gas pedal of the M74 unit, collided with the current error 2176, conduct the training of the throttle, how to tell it.



When repairing cars equipped with an electronic throttle actuator and M17.9.7 and M74 controller connected with the replacement of the ECM or its "reset" with initialization by means of diagnostic equipment, as well as during the trial installation of the controller, it is necessary to perform:
- adaptation of the throttle position zero.
To do this, the first activation of the ignition lock after the replacement of the controller must be accompanied by holding the key in the "ignition on" position for at least 30 seconds before the start of the engine start. The temperature of the ambient air and the engine must be at least + 7 ° C. Otherwise, the engine will run in emergency mode;
- Adaptation of the diagnostic function of misfiring of the controller to avoid damage to the catalytic collector and possible ignition of the car. To do this, it is necessary to reproduce the vehicle braking 6 times from 4000 to 1000 rpm with the vehicle in the second gear for one trip.
Thanks given by: Balyanchic

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