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How to install ODX & SIG files with ODIS-E? – Help needed

I am working on a project to Retrofit HD matrix headlights on a Audi A6 C8 2020.
Only need to load new parameter/dataset to A5/Zfas module.

I have the correct dataset. But it’s in the format of a *.ODX & *.SIG file.

This is the dataset file format:

But I can’t load them (write date) as a dataset.

I have also tried to flash the ODX file, it’s recognized as a flash container, but fails when starting the flash.
Have also tried to zip the 2 files, and load them as dataset, not working.

Think I might be missing a control file or something similar.
Anyone, knows how to load these files??

Other dataset I used in the past was *.xml files. That could be loaded with a control file
Is it possible to convert the ODX & SIG file to XML files?

Thanks in advance
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