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Mercedes Star Diagnosis C4 - with/without modification, DoIP
Mercedes Benz 
Mercedes Star Diagnosis C4 - with/without modification, DoIP

I offer a modified Chinese SD Connect.

List of improvements:
  • Flashing a unique white serial number (lifetime warranty from blocking)
  • Setting the "shutdown" function - complete power off (read below)
  • Elimination of battery charging error "Insert/check batteries" "batteries can not be charged"
  • Battery charging current calibration
  • Calibration of external supply voltage measurement (elimination of a false signal about the low voltage of the car)
  • Updating the multiplexer with the latest firmware
  • Installation of batteries (nickel-metal hybrid for C4, lithium for C5 case)
  • Checking the stability of work at a voltage of 24V. (replace the corresponding components if necessary)
  • Replacing the stock (Chinese) NEC WiFi card with D-Link or TP-Link, used in original SDConnect multiplexers.

SD Connect C4 without modifications - $599 (normal shipping included)
SD Connect C4 with DoIP board - $880 (normal shipping included)
SD Connect C4 with modifications and DoIP - $990 (normal shipping included)
SD Connect C4 with modifications, DoIP, and WiFi D-Link or TP-Link - $1030 (normal shipping included)
[Image: Star-Dianosis-C4.jpg]

Need it? Write to me to discuss.
I can help install
  • BMW - ISTA ETK E-Sys
  • Mercedes - Xentry HHTWin Vediamo Monaco
  • Renault - Can Clip, Impact
  • Activation Launch
  • For Volvo, MAN, DAF, Cummins, others
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