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VmWare Agco EDT 2020
Agco EDT v1.92 (Electronic Diagnostic Tool) 2020 in VmWare12 Win7 32bit cost $80

Size 44GB total, 25GB archive (WinRAR)

Agco EDT FULL is a set of programs that allows (using the appropriate adapter, which is purchased separately)
to diagnose via the CAN data bus of AGCO Inc. products, which also provides an interpretation of error codes,
which includes (not for all products) electrical circuits, description of sensors and locations their installation
as well as solving the most common problems in the electrical field.

For diagnostics on the CAN-bus, the AGCO Diagnostic Kit (CANUSB) is required, which is purchased separately.
To interact with older AGCO models, EDTWinEEM3s is also installed.
WITHOUT an adapter, it is possible to read repair and reference documentation, interpretation of error codes.
I do not have an USB-adapter for the CAN-bus to test the program in full mode. The full version of the program was downloaded and installed.

The program is self-updating via the Internet (last update 25-02-2020), at startup it uses the date change for the license never expired.

You can do diagnostics, troubleshooting and programming for the following brands of Agco Group:
AGCO, Amity, Challenger, Fella, Fendt, Gleaner, Laverda, Lely, Massey Ferguson, RoGator, SpraCoupe, TerraGator, Valtra, White Planters.

Language select:
English, Dutch, French, Finnish, German, Spanish, Portugese, Danish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Turkish, Swedish, Chinese, Norwegian.

Region select:
South America, North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa/Middle East, Asia, Australia/New Zealand/Japan.

To clarify the data on payment for the program and get a linк and password for downloading, write to private messages.

[Image: a005787f8892df7d3b68eecc514c2e61.jpg]
[Image: a9eb8a4003d0ac42894adfa4969ba53a.jpg]
[Image: 626f10a0c1aff73fc9167f84d4ceebb1.jpg]
[Image: 690d9a445077673e8138e871c275cbc6.jpeg]
[Image: b251b3bdc03b6b640ceba6b872c2b75b.jpeg]
[Image: 85487cafcd00fcfa1e4a9e6d59c17156.jpeg]
[Image: 704b88aec2ea3a43c95d45dbad31c7dc.jpeg]
[Image: 7d668a41a8a837cae23e6ec120ef98dc.jpeg]
[Image: 3190864a7d342489878cfede66193818.jpeg]
[Image: 32d0d2e3e359570fd4d5906ee926680e.jpeg]

If you use this VM, "Thanks" and "Rep" are wellcome! )

Attached Files
Virtuals LIST.txt
File Type: .txt
Downloaded: 6 times
Size: 50 bytes

Thanks given by: MIKELI
Additional photos:

[Image: 6b8433a7378b378db64e4459685d522c.jpeg]
[Image: 511e20992a16f8c583571284d1582818.jpeg]
[Image: fce309faa6c12702787731b90289c26a.jpeg]
[Image: d7f03e4063e3bb415ac03f88099663a5.jpeg]
[Image: d1bf2c118d4331e779b4339d129f2d6e.jpg]
[Image: ef9bb63e09d2cfd4163d65103f920348.jpg]
[Image: d017f0d8bb3f6454fab76fa5f6cfbfb8.jpg]
[Image: 545ef359d735636081cbd857a6eab7b4.jpg]
Thanks given by:

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