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OBDSTAR ODO MASTER is better than x300m?
OBDSTAR ODO MASTER is newly released odometer correction tool. What's the difference between odo master and x300m? OBDSTAR ODO MASTER is better than x300m?

ODO Master vs. X300M:

[Image: 8_d2c326d5-2525-46f4-9ca2-187c7702afc6.png?v=1572333122]

ODO master support wifi, with touch screen, larger storeage capacity, more convenient to use. and odo master can support more functions than x300m.

Car models:

[Image: 9_e08e3143-a55e-4869-9ed7-3d0869be8ff3.png?v=1572344304]

odo master can support more cars than x300m, and even can support cars til 2019 year, while x300m can only support til 2015 year.

In conclusion, odo master is much better than x300m, even though it is a bit more expensive, but it derves. supply auto repair tool, software and service!
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