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Clone VCI v C4 what is better?
Mercedes Benz 
I am thinking about buying new cloned VCI Mercedes interface from China. Currently, I am using cloned C4 (SDconnect) and I am wondering what is a difference between them two in practical terms. Is it better, faster or has any new features? Is it easy to configure with the new XDOS Xentry 09.2019? We all here would be very grateful if someone who has used this new device would give us some advice. Is it worth to switch from SDconnect to new VCI? Is the quality of the clone OK?
... Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur ... (Latin)
Thanks given by: Jeermy SD
the only thing it worth changing to is to SD C4 PLUS Star Diagnosis Support DOIP
the rest is just about crap and loosing functions
Thanks given by: Goodwill , kadettccoupe

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