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What can an OBD-II scanner do for a vehicle?
"An obd2 scanner tool is a car diagnostic tool that can exhibit a wide range of features. Obd2 scanner tool typically include a code reader, the ability to view and sort live data, and some type of knowledge base. Professional obd2 scanner tool include extensive knowledge bases, diagnostic procedures, and sometimes even have built-in scopes, multimeters, and other diagnostic tools." written in wiki.

But as a new, I do not have more expercie in diagnostic my volvol by a vehicle scanner. For saving money and do it by myself, starting to know car scanner and try to purchase a diagnostic tool.

After browsing many many scanner store such autel amazon ...... I have some ideal vehicle diagnostic tool. but which brand's scanner is more reliable, option in autel buledrive foxwell

Anybody who have experice in solving car trouble by obd2 scanner can give me some suggest, all is ok about how to use scanner or how choose a best scanenr.
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