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Has your amber engine warning light flashing on your dashboard?
Has your amber engine warning light blinked into life on your dashboard? And How do you to turn it off ?

A flashing dashboard light is something that I have experienced in last month. When the engine light was on I don‘t know what problems with my Jeep. But next time the Jeep multiple misfires, then I thought it related to the amber engine warning light, so starting search answer on Google and find a cute code reader that the product descript it can turn off the engine warning light and fix misfires. Then, good things start in half a month ago, I took the code reader to turn my Jeep engine light off and made my car work on.

Problem has been solved, but there may be some guy still in the trouble, that's a good solution for me. And you?
(maybe there are somebody wants to try the code reader, then you can purchase it like me in the store

​​​​​​​Share your experience and let me get more solutions!!!
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