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VmWare Case and New Holland online catalogs
Case and New Holland technics ONLINE catalogs in VMWare Win7-32bit cost 60$

   Size 10GB total, 3.5GB archive (WinRAR)

This Virtual Machine is including:

Case + New Holland Online Partstores:
-New Holland Agriculture
-New Holland Construction
-Case Agriculture
-Case Construction
Case  Eur / Eur International:
-Heqvy Equipment
-Light Equipment
-Parts and acessories
Case Agriculture Eur
New Holland Agriculture Eur
New Holland  Eur / Eur International:
-Heavy Equipment
-Light Equipment
-O & K Equipment
-Parts and acessories

To get the data on payment for the program and get a link for downloading with password to unpack, write to private messages.

[Image: 3e0d86519d49fbd7cc9c47f8aa957d24.jpg]
[Image: 2d29585c102ed663ef9723736ccf9bb9.jpeg]
[Image: 068d9d024e5956581b6fdc1d061644c4.jpeg]
[Image: cc38e3133a7888f8bf9c3f93a9feac6f.jpeg]
[Image: e28dffeff145d34a7de5b99001584a99.jpeg]
[Image: 958f70bf150b80c816915356584dc970.jpeg]
         Case Agriculture:
[Image: 73087712c20f0a869619a6e788173b4e.jpeg]
[Image: 193b71276ab6ebeca9189310996a55df.jpeg]
[Image: b40fb2bbbb8225d96a503016c0f1ba62.jpeg]

If you use this VM, remember press "Thanks!" and "Reputation" )
Thanks given by:
Some more photos here:

         Case Eur:
[Image: 117867be7623fc9addb1f7a219cea8a4.jpeg]
[Image: da23270b854e72a9d66908eec0cc282e.jpeg]
[Image: ba815626a5ac1c546c0e513d71229954.jpeg]
         New Holland Agriculture:
[Image: dcbcef9cd25d32c32403a637819c43dd.jpeg]
[Image: c7b506d5f9a1fab8b2b6c3dd23a19fb0.jpeg]
[Image: 73ff09c011e7d3bff208988a6342f6ea.jpeg]
         New Holland Eur:
[Image: 0b2e463f3644e8cf1e86a442ca53df53.jpeg]
[Image: d2f169a7b000c39fa32bd9e5612842ba.jpeg]

If you use this VM, remember to click "Thanks" and "Reputation"! )

The CASE Virtual Machine is fully re-edited. Deleted offline catalog, added online parts catalogs for Case and New Holland technics.

Thanks given by:

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