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xdos 12 2018 starting problem
I installed Xentry Diagnostic Open Shell (XDOS) on windows 7 64 bit system.
configured lan adapter ip to and sub. (wlan is off) In sd connect tool i give the mux the name 21.(is shown in configuration)
Now i start xentry and choose my car model(S203, C200 Kompressor, gearbox). Now when i choose Xentry diagnostig in the menue on the top left, xentry goes back to car selection.
This is also happens when i select a other car model.
There is no error on desktop

For information: The mux is not connected to a car (only running with a power adapter, or is xentry only runninig when mux is connected to car)
Do i need a firmwareupdate?
Can someone tell me whats wrong (installation, c4 or something else)

Thanks for help

Thanks given by:
Yes you will need to connect the MUX to a car so it can read all ECUS from CGW.

Run Xentry simulation on the same car VIN and see if does the same ting. if not that means your installation is good.
Thanks given by: Administrator , ToMiBoY

No connection also when connected to a car.
In the toolbar is a icon looks like a padlock. This is allways open.
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Mercedes Benz 
Change Sub address to and try again. You said; "shown in configuration" I think there is a fail about lan adapter settings.
Thanks given by: ToMiBoY , Administrator

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