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Xentry not reading TRUCKS
Mercedes Benz 
Hi , best regards,
I’ve recently got Xentry/DAS 07.2018 installation from recovered Acronic image. I have C4 SDconnect mux. It works OK with all cars and vans , but it is not communicating with some older truck earlier then 2012. With newer trucks it works OK I tried Xentry simulation mode, but no luck. I tried Vario, Actros 2, Ateg, Axor. All have 24V and OBD. I am new to truck and never used Xentry for trucks before. I think my “normal” Xentry installation may have some files missing, hence cannot read those trucks. Or is may be a different licence needed. Please help me to resolve the problem. Thanks in advance.
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I think you need an older Software or C3, a Friend from me works with LKW and earlier 2012 he works with old Xentry and C3...But I can be wrong now.
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Mercedes Benz 
Thanks, any more suggestions? I have no access to old mux. I will try older software with C4, but it sounds very odd, that new Xentry/Das doesn't cover trucks before 2012 Dodgy .
... Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur ... (Latin)
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