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JTAG connect COO7 help FGTech
Hello, my dear, my name is Mateusz, I am on the way to connect to the processor MPC5554 which is located in the coo7 of SCANIA. Did anyone connect via JTAG with the FGTECH v54 Galetto programmer? Which PIN is responsible for controlling JCOMP, RDY, TMS. As far as I know, VFLS0-TMS, SRESET-JCOMP, VDD-SENSE-RDY.
With this connection, the error ERROR TIMEOUT GO ERROR GO_Sub ERROR SETUP follows with 90% reading. Is there anyone who will help?
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take this link you'll find here Give5

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yes it definitely helps to connect to mpc, but as I wrote I want to do it using the GALETTO programmer, there is no 14 pin output in it which is direct JCOMP, RDY, TMS. There are 10 pin TDI, TDO, TCK, RESET, GND I have, but it comes to these 3 JCOMP RDY TMS, which pin is responsible for which.
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