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Variant Coding C63
Mercedes Benz 
Hi Guys, Newbie to the forums and been finding some helpful stuff on here.

One thing i'm a little stuck with is Vediamo variant coding,

Has anyone changed the variant coding of the engine ecu to E63 or C63 Black series?

I've got the complete database and Multiplexer SD Connect.

I've got a W204 2008 c63 race car here that I'm wanting to put a tune in with less torque limiting and higher power output whilst retaining some factory reliability, hence E63 or C63 black...

The car has been to several tuners, none being able to make a successful tune that works well in race conditions. eg: Sticky tyres, - torque limiting fails big time!!

Car has been racing succesfully in full stock trim (ECU wise), fortunately I still have a stock ecu.

Any suggestions on best way to do this with Vediamo 5.00.05?

Thanks given by: gonpofin

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