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No More OBD Socket
Hi, Just thought I wold bring this matter to everyones attention in the hope that we can put a halt to the process.

For the past couple years I have been protesting against plans to remove the OBD socket from motor vehicles from 2021, I have written to the government and received quite rude responses and have written to the European Parliment who have been a little more understanding.

The plan to remove the OBD socket was put forward by vehicle manufacturers, removal of the OBD socket would give them more control, independant garages and vehicle owners would be unable to download diagnostic trouble codes and access live and freeze frame data, the only person able to do this under the plans would be the main dealer on either a one off basis or as part of a subscription.

The type approval put forward includes keeping the OBD socket but this is by no means a guarantee that they will, I would like to ask that anyone who cares should contact their MEP (Member of European Parliment) and state that they want to keep the OBD socket.

More info can be found here:

MEP's can be found here:

Thanks for reading this.

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