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I'm looking Autocom 2014.2 or 2014.1
i am looking autocom
I do not want Delphi
please help

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there is no difrance in autocom and delphi , same functions it just not look the same , but i see autocom 2015 all over the net but activation looks like a small problem , but if u can find autocom 2014.1 or 2014.2 u can share it i also looking for it , it just looks better for me
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(10-04-2016, 07:15 PM)teacher-men Wrote:  friends;
i am looking autocom
I do not want Delphi
please help

I think you used the search function then you will find it....

Autocom and Delphi is the same software, different in Delphi you can take 2 more keys inside in Delphi for Dieselmax and Turbosharger.
You can change simply Delphi in Autocom...or Autocom in Delphi.....only change the "Resources.dll" "Installation.xml" and "icon" so you have Delphi in Autocom..or vice versa.. Everything else is the same.
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i am looking autocom 2014.1
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(11-13-2017, 09:25 PM)promobi Wrote:  i am looking autocom  2014.1


here is Delphi _Autocom _2014.R1.torrent

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Delphi _Autocom _2014.R1.torrent.rar
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[Image: 34df19d946cc.jpg]
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