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Smart ForTwo 451 0,8cdi 33kw E4 DPF Problem
Mercedes Benz 
From 2007 till august 2009 smart 451 33kw 0,8cdi is Euro4 fitted with DPF+KAT in a single box, without differential preasure sensor, without temperature sensor inside DPF, only Lambda positioned after turbo.
All of us hurry to say that without differential sensor there is no DPF, but is sale as E4 with DPF.

From august 2009 Smart is equipped with a combined exhaust box KAT+DPF with temperature inside DPF and differential housings connected to a differential sensor behind rear bumper. This engine is 40kw Euro 5. I agree that`s a controlled DPF.

The Smart i own is from year 2008.
Did someone here opened to study and clean a DPF like fitted in my 33kw E4 like i own?

My car has low output torque, and fuel consumption is quite high (5,5 to 6 L/100Km), I suspect DPF is clogged, and i start to study what i will expect about DPF, to open, if it have sense, if it deserve to try to open and clean it as regular known DPF`s. I heard that some mazda and vito have same empiric uncontrolled DPF.

Please comment and advise.
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is the wrong way
Remove it
Try cleaning with high-pressure car wash machine

I have been applied to a track
It healed at half & half

More bad way
Burning inside the burner
Cleaning with high-pressure car wash

At your own risk
"LIKE"&"THANKS" will increase the motivation

Please read this post !!
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Have you seen one opened, what is inside?

I think i will cut it, best way to get close to reality.
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Replace the parts
To degrade the defective part is a good study

I am using the translation software
I'm sorry if it is not accurate answer
"LIKE"&"THANKS" will increase the motivation

Please read this post !!
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Mercedes Benz 
I dispatched the DPF and look at the photos what was inside (DPF.rar containing the pictures).
Can someone help me with a DPF-OFF file or at least post injection off ?

File Type: .rar
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