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SDconnect Quality (pics`s & Firmware)
Mercedes Benz 
Hey all,

This is just a great forum, so i decided to input something too.  Fing32
Same post is on other forum too, so many of you propably has seen this long time ago, but not all, i guess.

Here is few photos of different quality SDconnects, I hope it will help somebody, to find better clones easier.
I know the CHN sellers wont send REAL inside photos of the tools, but maybe when you receive it, you can see what you have in your hands.

The one with the green ellipses, is the best clone in CHN market. But the one with the red ones, is working also, but crap quality. Anyways,
i prefer if the original manufacturer has put something on the PCB, it should be found in the clone unit also.
Missing chokes, missing memory card slot and missing LCD display stand.
The best one, is well known SN; 155988.
The crappy one, is also well known nowdays so known, 101044.
Of course there is multiple variations for these numbers, so you cant anymore count on the serialnumber.
If you will buy the cheapest one you find, you will propably punch yourself in the face.  Muscle
There are few propblems i have encountered, even with the better looking clones. In on unit batteries dry out fast, even in few days. And once the firmware update did not pass, if i remember correctly, it was 2.2 it refused, but soaked 2.0. If you lose Wifi, after firmware update, in my Muxes it started working again, when i installed the original wifi card, D-Link DWL-G650. I think that in newer firmwares contains driver to the original wifi card, and is not compatible with the Chinese copied card, So it loses Wifi. I think the best one is sold out, or i havent found them anymore, anywhere.
Theres my 2 cents about SD-Muxes. drunk

See also Power Xs Product sheet attached, and the firmware "collection"
for someone who might need it.
Contains: Bootimage 2.0/CSD 2.0, Bootimage 2.2/CSD 2.3 and Bootimage 2.3/CSD 2.9.
Mega link.
No password.

[Image: 20u7qqf.jpg]
[Image: 2sbpriw.jpg]
[Image: 2aah839.jpg]
[Image: 2wmi2py.jpg]
[Image: 15iuso.jpg]
[Image: 24zj2q0.jpg]
[Image: 295seuo.jpg]
[Image: 3536t5c.jpg]

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archive not work, downloaded 3 times
Thanks given by: Zuricko
[Image: 140zy83.jpg]
[Image: 2f0ccnp.jpg]
[Image: 2hq71gm.jpg]
[Image: e8lved.jpg]

Just arrived yesterday, Better Cables than average. All New components...
Medium + i would Say... Smile

Thanks given by: Marcos , Zuricko , italianec , Satria , camaro
archive not work , restore please
Thanks given by: JarsaR
(04-21-2016, 12:34 AM)Bowhunter Wrote:  archive not work , restore please

Hey, first post link updated. See also repair solution for non booting mux attached.

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Thanks given by: Marcos , bison225 , Zuricko , italianec , audionavicar , Satria , camaro

Today i got my hands on Yanhua SDconnect. So decided to took it apart, if someone
likes to rework his or something. Because these have been few years now out of stock, not available this HQ model as we all know,
Tried to take sweet HQ photos, but did not quite succeed.  533
Anyways hope this helps someone.  Fing32

[Image: 2u8gtix.jpg]

[Image: a4seip.jpg]

[Image: 15oa2hd.jpg]

[Image: 282f0i9.jpg]

[Image: 2dadg0y.jpg]

[Image: 2s7cj00.jpg]

[Image: 14wu1e9.jpg]

[Image: wbb7t2.jpg]
Thanks given by: Marcos , Satria , camaro , Pingpong
@JarsaR thanks for the good pictures. btw, you miss one pic of the relay board.
Thanks given by: JarsaR , Marcos , Pingpong

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