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Insignia 2.0 turbo 4x4 petrol high negative fuel trims
Hi all hope someone can shed some light on this annoying problem
Vauxhall insignia 2.0 turbo 4x4 petrol 2011 gdi engine a20nht.
During startup
The idle ltft -25 maxed and stft anywhere between -6 -25, I have changed turbo and nearly all sensors including a new mass airflow, gauge tested fuel pressure etc, when cold the car idles badly and throws a code p0101 then when driving off full blown dtc p1101 fuel trims as listed severe negative, but drives ok, now this is where it gets strange - p0101 suggests an air leak wheras the ecu is removing fuel due to very rich condition. When the car is 30 degrees plus and started the idle and driving off is really bad but there is a point after a few few minutes the car tries to stall like bad hesitation then it drives perfect. Live data shows all fuel trims back at normal.
Anyone had this, I,m thinking bad earth point but I have no idea where all the earth points are, I did try tis but got nowhere as it does not list where they all are or show pictures.
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