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Original Porsche Piwis PT3 light grey Storage box
Original Porsche Piwis PT3 light grey Storage box for Panasonic CF54 and Pt3


350€ plus paypal and Shipment


please Friend,

The Original Paper Box is close.

You can find a lot of Pic in the internet if you use our friend goo...

for this and also for other stupid think i will NOT:

Make PIC, Send PIC , Send Serial or other think also if you will tell me that you need for paypal i will not do it,

if you will pay with paypal i will get an email from paypal that you paid that means for me that i will go the next 24 hours with the shipment to the post office,
You will get than the trackingnumber.
i will not sit at home, wait for you payment will go strait away to office and will answer all you question after 1 sec.

If you so affrait that i will steel your money please leave it, you do you and me a favore
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