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VmWare12 Trucks EPC cost 180$ cost 150$

Size: 370GB total, 185GB compressed (WinRAR)

-TecDoc Alliance 2018-Q4
-Bosch ESI-tronic 2016-01
-Daf Rapido 2015-11
-Hiecho Hino 2018-11
-Iveco Power 2020-01
-MANTIS 2019-08
-Mercedes EWA-Net 2018-11
-Renault Impact 2018-11
-Renault TruckConsult 2019-10
-Scania Multi 2019-05
-Sisu LinkOne
-Volvo Impact 2018-11

To get a payment data and receiving a linк with password to download program, write to private messages.

Main screen and properties:

[Image: f41225a357fa357fe5526d57cded40d7.jpg]
[Image: fe1490bb91a2476f6b5ee03eb2ab7a45.jpg]

Bosch ESI-tronic work:
[Image: f38bbf478b598356e5a8d7370564c34a.jpeg]

TecDoc work:
[Image: 897c7d0ad322176b5cd12fde643730a4.jpg]

Attached Files
Virtuals LIST.txt
File Type: .txt
Downloaded: 2 times
Size: 50 bytes

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Programs in work:

[Image: a6a45998d8d77d0ebbb8c1b95d26f888.jpeg]
[Image: a68e25b0b72894f130d28e83f1ed53d2.jpeg]
[Image: 6dbdb20605b29b14c9142fced1cfb033.jpeg]
[Image: 799020d88220717d42d37971bf2b9127.jpeg]
[Image: 460bc8aa0b2cb905e1c356bf6845a0ac.jpeg]
[Image: 6184b03325d1b30348f1594f64667d13.jpeg]
[Image: c12979f78fd4f6a9d9ad8800d80666dc.jpeg]
[Image: 60bb9b5825ed6b0d3d20e5ef1377751b.jpeg]
[Image: 190f4d2b6d3f673d850a37d8494470fc.jpeg]
[Image: 378e530f3540ecc73bc9033a17985d08.jpeg]

The last month of summer! The price has been reduced to $ 150!
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Added TecDoc 2018-Q4 Full! The price of the virtual machine remains the same !
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