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correction mileage - what the best tool ?
Hello everyone
i wonder what the best tool to beginner like me ?

1) X-tool
2) X-prog
3) Carprog
5) Digiprog 3
6) Digimaster
7) x300m

maybe i forget some tool...

what u think ??
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digimaster and digiprog
Thanks given by: aviran86
anyone more ideas ?
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get enigma
Thanks given by:
(01-11-2017, 06:35 PM)jakesvw Wrote:  get enigma

its very very expensive ... i not have 10000 EURO
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Best and cheap don't exist.
If you want cheap start with digiprog3.
Thanks given by: aviran86
(01-12-2017, 05:12 AM)kioji41 Wrote:  Best and cheap don't exist.
If you want cheap start with digiprog3.

what u think about Carprog clone ?
i try to find in the internet the cost is 150$ from aliexpress...
my question if u know maybe some good seller , afraid this clone not be good.
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Digiprog3 is better.
I have carprog original but i don't use for mileage correction.
Thanks given by: aviran86
Digiprog3 best you'll get for that sort of money...
Thanks given by: aviran86
dont waste your time with carprog , but do agree digiprog is a good start , u will buy carprog and then cry about it not working like it should add a bit more $$$ and u are better of than buying carprog (i am on my 3rd carprog in 1 year time )
Thanks given by: aviran86

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