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I tested Nexzdas lite android diagnostic tool, works great. - serena.k - 04-09-2019

I was looking for one android diagnostic tool last month and seller recommend the nexzdas lite to me and told me that Nexzdas lite is 2019 new released full system, all functions diagnostic tool for all brand cars. Nexzdas lite full system diagnostic tool can replace easydiag 3.0 perfectly. so i bought one to test, luckily, it works great. so I summarize the advantages of the nexzdas lite diagnostic tool here and share with you. hope it will do some help for you.

Nexzdas lite diagnostic tool based on android advantages:

1. nexzdas lite comes with nice appearance, cute and easy to hold.

2. nexzdas lite is based on android system, bluetooth connection. Easy to carry and diagnose.

3. nexzdas lite support all brand cars, including cars from America, Asia, Europe and Australia.

4. only charge 99 usd for nexzdas lite all functions diagnostic tool, and you will get the free software for all brand cars.

5. nexzdas lite diagnostic tool can develop more functions with extra fees, like resetting, immo, and truck 24v ..

6.Nexzdas lite After-sale service is convenient and easy to get, including remote ass(teamviewer), one-key feedback, contact service

7.Many free functions on the nexzdas app, including vin query, DTC query, data playback, data manage dictionary etc.

8.Nexzdas lite will replace easydiag 3.0, vpecker perfectly.

Need more information, you can contact me freely.