Full Version: Y61 Patrol 3.0TD low rev cut out
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Hi all,

I ahve a guys with a latest model Y61 patrol who is saying that when the engine is loaded up and at low RPM (~600 or less) then engine switches off (kind of stalls, but more like turning off). This is making the car really hard to drive off road in low range doing hill decents where he cannot idle in low range 1st gear with his foot on the brake without then engine stopping... As a result he has to have the car in neutral and ride teh brakes all the way down the hill which is quite dangerous and hard to control.

He his never had this issue in any previous models and it is not an issue in the Toyota Landcruiser Prado150 which we also have. That said, I was also experienced this in the 2.0ltr VW Amarok which nearly caused a friend to crash the car as it lost all braking and steering power!!

Has anyone experienced the same issue with the 3.0Ltr TD Nissan Patrol and does anyone know if it can be fixed?

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from people.