Full Version: How to repair the BMW electronic handbrake parking EMF control unit?
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Hello everyone

BMW X5 X6 E70 E71 electronic hand brake EMF control unit module

We often encounter, EMF control unit, internal failure

This failure, we can successfully repair

First, let's look at the location and appearance of the EMF, as follows:

Shell number is this, as follows:

Open EMF is the case, as follows:

Open the PCB of the control unit as follows:

We need to do is:
1: Replace the motor
2: Check the motor behind the two wiring, to ensure good
3: Replace the blue relay
4:Check the other side of the motor gear (not the motor's own gear, please note), because it is colloid, long working wear, deformation, if the deformation is serious, need to replace the processing

Because my English is not good, there are many details can not be more clearly expressed, please understand that if you have a better maintenance methods, you can reply to this post below the discussion.